Events For December 2019

Convocatoria para la Competencia Huawei ICT América Latina 2019-2020
Sunday 1st (01 Dec 2019, 02:00)
Convocatoria para la Competencia Huawei ICT América Latina 2019-2020

ICT Huawei Competition América Latina 2019-2020

Bienvenido a la Tercera competencia anual de Huawei ICT 2019-2020. Esta es tu oportunidad de ganar atractivos premios como: vouchers para certificaciones Huawei (valor estimado 200 USD), capacitaciones gratuitas, pasantías, prioridad en entrevistas de trabajo en Huawei, Smartphones marca Huawei, visitas a las oficinas centrales de Huawei en los países donde se celebran las finales regionales, además si eres ganador finalista, podrás ir en una visita totalmente patrocinada a Shenzhen, China, para participar en la Competencia Global ICT en mayo de 2020. ... 875-100481
Webinar: Creating Customer-Centric Experiences: How to Make Your Brand Inclusive to Your Audience
Thursday 5th (05 Dec 2019, 14:00)
Webinar: Creating Customer-Centric Experiences: How to Make Your Brand Inclusive to Your Audience

In today’s competitive world, only the best experiences stand out. And the best experiences are those that put the customer first.
Prioritizing diversity and inclusion is how you do that. From the language you speak to the events you hold, marketers need to make sure every customer feels a part of the experience. Join a special panel webinar featuring marketing experts from Bizzabo,, PFL, ON24 and RollWorks to learn how to build a brand that speaks to everyone across all channels, including:
How to build diversity intelligence into your database
How to use brand and creative to show your customer centricity
How to represent diversity across your content and programming
How to make personalized touches like direct mail and hospitality events more inclusive
Learn how to give your customers experiences that reflect who they are and what they want — register now!

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Business Intelligence
Wednesday 11th (11 Dec 2019, 20:30)
Semana del Capitulo Ingeniería Económica y Administrativa

Expositor: Jhonny Chambi
"Perfiles Profesionales de Analytics con Mayor Proyección"

Expositor: Evelyn Sánchez
"Agrupación de motivos de no pago de tarjeta de crédito con Text Analytics & Speech Analytics"

Expositor: Richard Fernández
"La importancia de la ciencia de datos en la toma de decisiones"

Lugar: Auditorio "C" CD Lima CIP - Calle Guillermo Marconi 210 - San Isidro
Informes & Inscripciones: 202 5055

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Webinar: Quantum Computing Fundamentals
Thursday 12th (12 Dec 2019, 02:00)
Webinar: Quantum Computing Fundamentals
The quantum computing revolution is upon us.
Like the first digital computers, quantum computers offer the possibility of technology exponentially more powerful than current systems. They stand to change companies, entire industries, and the world by solving problems that seem impossible today and will likely disrupt every industry.
Pairing MIT’s leading experts in the field with IBM’s cutting-edge quantum computing tools, services, and hands-on materials for learners, the two-course program, Quantum Computing Fundamentals, will help you establish a foundation of knowledge for understanding quantum computing and how it will transform business.
Join Dr. William D. Oliver in this 60-minute webinar on December 12 at 12:00 ET.

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Webinar: The Innovator’s Guide to Ethics
Thursday 12th (12 Dec 2019, 12:00)
Webinar: The Innovator’s Guide to Ethics
Stanford University

As a leader, entrepreneur, or innovator, you’re paving the way to the future and making decisions that will impact the lives of those around you. With this influence comes a heavy responsibility to make ethical decisions and remain connected to your principles and values as you grow. How are company shares divided? Who’s on the board?

In this webinar, Tom Byers and Jack Fuchs will give you guidance on how to brave ethical dilemmas in your life, career, and ventures. They’ll focus on the principles of personal development and empowerment to give you a solid foundation from which to build your ethical code.

You will learn
To understand the importance of applying ethics to innovation and entrepreneurship
To define ethics, values, and principles as they relate to your work
To recognize the levels of analytics involved in ethical behaviors (personal to team to enterprise to industry to society)
To develop a personal set of principles that guide your decisions

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Webinar: PyTorch: A Modern Library for Machine Learning
Monday 16th (16 Dec 2019, 02:00)
Webinar: PyTorch: A Modern Library for Machine Learning


The recent explosion in the power and popularity of machine learning techniques has been fueled in part by the ecosystem of open source Python libraries. One of those was PyTorch, a successor to Torch7, which is rapidly becoming one of the most essential tools in every ML researcher’s toolbox.
However, research is not the end of the story. Machine learning is transforming entire fields, meaning that efficient inference is now becoming more important than ever. Even though PyTorch has strong roots in research applications, inference functionality is one of our recent focuses and has driven us to develop some innovative solutions in that space.
In this talk I will present the ideas underlying the library and how it can be utilized in the variety of scenarios in which machine learning appears, which range from research all the way to production.

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